Cuisine Lady

Cuisine Lady was born from a passion for entertaining….superb entertaining. I began entertaining in my early teens in Mexico City, hosted my first Thanksgiving dinner for ten guests at age 19 when I was attending college and living in Boston, and have continued to host myriad of gatherings now that I reside in sunny, fun-filled Spain. 


I’ve always enjoyed entertaining at home, mainly because I believe few other settings can provide the style, taste and VIP treatment that you can offer your guests. Entertaining is an art form, yet it doesn’t need to be hard work.  Along the years, I’ve used many products that have helped me cut my prep time in half, decorate my table to perfection and offer my guests a personal touch…all while looking fabulous!


Now that I am living in Spain, I have incorporated Torrey Rothman, SLU, a company focusing on the European market, which now owns the copyrights for Cuisine Lady. This website contains only the best and most carefully selected products. Many are from the USA, and are time-saving, detail-oriented items which have long been available there to a wide, demanding market that continually keeps their creators on their toes. Others are design-inspired, award-winning European products everyone must have. Everything you’ll find here will help you become the “hostess with the mostest” as you entertain in style!

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